Februari 10, 2010

Stay With The Lovers

You may be tired and weary
but stay with the lovers
don't run away
You will either fall in love like me
and if you do not,
just sit and watch.

Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi

4 ulasan:

abihasan berkata...

I choose the last: Sit and Watch :)
any suggestions, bro?

mohd shafiq abas berkata...

Patience, brother.. :)

Until we're truly purified
The Beloved wants our
yearning to turn from
the vagueness, shadow of
self-satisfaction into
sunlight of delight.

So let us be idle,
putting our full trust on Him
let us Sit and Watch,
and let the Beloved
Do what He desired on us..

Till He desired us,
we couldn't desire Him more..

Abizahra berkata...

Thanks you so much, my beloved brother :)

mohd shafiq abas berkata...

With love, my dear brother :)